About us

About us

Investors, sponsors, backers? Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer much prefers the description “participants“. In the best substantive, strategic and economic terms.

We are not industry specialists, we are situation specialists. When considering an entry in a challenging, uncertain or complex situation, we make the most of our strengths – human and technical. We see success in holistic terms: as a combination of human and economic progress, as a contribution to technological and social evolution.

Our focus for our portfolio companies is on developing and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. Exciting business models are our inspiration, and experiencing and shaping the setting up of companies is what drives us forward every day.

We provide consultancy support to companies in all core areas in order to apply our expertise where it is needed. In doing so, we keep the starting position of each individual company in view at all times. We play the role of coach and sparring partner who can bring an outside perspective to bear. We also act as a business partner with whom new concepts are conceived and implemented.