Investment strategy

Investment strategy

The search criteria? Companies of medium size with an inherently functional business model – in a promising, and ideally challenging situation. Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer supports the portfolio companies as they enter their second major growth phase.

Our investment focus: Companies from the areas of IT, business services, clean technology and innovative volume products with proven business models. We understand these markets and have built up a close-knit network of industry experts.

Our investment strategy: increase annual revenues at the companies from around EUR 1-3 million to EUR 10-30 million with a relatively low investment.

We usually invest in equity with the option of mobilising additional mezzanine capital. We provide up to EUR 1.0 million per company. We invest exclusively in open investments with the in legal forms GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, and AG.

Together with the companies, we strive to leverage our investments through parallel funding by public (such as medium-sized funding companies) and public-private (such as high-tech founder funds) investors.

We secure co-decision-making rights through our equity contracts to ensure that this capital is invested successfully.

Never standing still; always moving forwards: The target growth for our investments is at least 30% annually. Companies with initial annual sales of EUR 1-3 million reach targeted annual revenues of EUR 10-30 million within 6-8 years. At this company size, interesting exit options involving strategic investors or financial investors are available.

We shepherd this growth from the start, through every phase until exit. Our objective is to optimise both the exit process as well at the timing.