Technology leader for thermal management in e-mobility: Nagel Holding acquires majority share in Copaltec GmbH

Technology leader for thermal management in e-mobility: Nagel Holding acquires majority share in Copaltec GmbH

The close partnership between the long-standing, financially strong Nagel Holding and the agile specialist for electro-casting resins, Copaltec GmbH, aims to make increasing use of castings as part of large-volume series productions in the future.

Copaltec was founded and developed by founders Stefanie and Andreas Hartwig during their studies in 2012, producing and selling heat-conductive, polyurethane-based casting compounds ever since. The company has been supported by early-stage investor ENGELHARDT KAUPP KIEFER & Co. since 2014, which has now sold its shares to Nagel Holding. The new majority owner has invested a seven-figure amount into growing Copaltec even further.

Founder Stefanie Hartwig commented: “Following the growth of e-mobility, the demand for our materials has rapidly increased. The experience and financial backing of Nagel will help us to meet this demand much more quickly and extensively.” Her co-founder and husband, Andreas Hartwig added: “The group’s know-how regarding machine construction will also allow us to offer our customers ready-to-use systems as well as just innovative materials.”

Nagel has been invested in Copaltec since 2018. With the takeover of the ENGELHARDT KAUPP KIEFER & Co. shares, Copaltec will now become a core component of the Nagel Group’s e-mobility strategy. “Copaltec has its finger on the pulse with its solutions. As the world market leader in the field of honing and superfinish technology, this partnership ensures that we keep our innovative edge in the field of e-mobility.” explains Michael Nagel, responsible for nine business divisions within the Nagel Group.

“We are proud to have helped grow Copaltec into the technology leader it is today with our long-term investment and business support” explains Roman Loch, Managing Director at ENGELHARDT KAUPP KIEFER & Co. “We wish everyone involved all the best and much success in the future!”

About Copaltec

Copaltec has been developing cooling solutions for high-performance electronics since 2012. Electro-casting resins are used in various fields, such as e-mobility, battery technology, Industry 4.0 and renewable energies.

Copaltec was founded by husband and wife Stefanie and Andreas Hartwig and has since established itself with a large presence in the heat-conductive casting material market. Its customers include both SMEs and major corporations throughout various industries.

About Nagel

The Nagel Group in Nürtingen has been developing and producing honing and superfinish machines and tools since 1943. Through its group member Gehring Technologies, Nagel also offers production technology solutions for the production of traction systems in electric cars. The company’s portfolio also includes the development of complete processing concepts, as well as a wide range of services.

Nagel boasts a global distribution network and is present on four continents with its plants in Germany, the UK, Brazil, USA, Japan and India. Nagel employs around 1850 employees worldwide.


ENGELHARDT KAUPP KIEFER & Co. invests in technology-oriented companies with excellent growth perspectives and supports these companies with capital and business expertise. The holding company was founded in 2001 by its three initiators, Dr Tobias Engelhardt, Karl-Friedrich Kaupp and Georg Kiefer, and has been leading a variety of companies to a successful exit (e.g. Alex & Gross communications, maihiro CRM-Consulting, Turtle Entertainment/ESL-Sports-League, actiro Power Blower, SABUO Knowledge Management Software, ajando Digital Sales).